We tackle the main driver of PCOS
Here’s why you should focus on insulin resistance and not weight as a root cause of your PCOS symptoms.

After all, PCOS is a complex metabolic disorder and not a weight-related condition.
The secret villain behind your symptoms:
Insulin Resistance (IR)
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90% of people with PCOS are insulin resistant
What this means is that our bodies can’t efficiently use the energy we eat and store.

That’s why our bodies are constantly seeking out new sources of energy like food and sleep.
infographic showing an increase for ovulation and pregnancy, and a decrease for cravings, fatigue, weight gain, cholesterol and diabetes risk
It’s proven that reducing IR improves symptoms
Brain fog, cravings, fatigue and weight gain, as well as increased chronic disease risk have been linked to IR in the numerous studies that we found.
infographic showing that 39% of women with PCOS develop a binge eating disorder, and a chart to illustrate that weight yo-yoing increases insulin resistance
Simone focuses on IR because obsessing over weight loss is potentially harmful
Typical diet advice doesn’t take into consideration our PCOS-specific or psychological needs.

So what’s the “secret” to improving PCOS and IR?

Changing how we think about our bodies and what it needs
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Improving how you eat
Intuitive Eating and Low GI food - the better alternatives to dieting.
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Improving your mindset
PCOS is complex and affects your mental health as much as your physical health
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Improving how you measure
Take a weight-neutral approach to tracking your progress.